Standard Features:

Style #1:: Our 8,000# capacity “Easy Feed” is equipped w/2-7,000# rubber torsion axles, 8o wheels and 16″ tires. Both models have 25′ of filler hose and are totally ground operable.

Style #2:: This 5,000# capacity feed trailer is more than a name. It makes feeding “Easy”!! It’s 13 horsepower Honda engine, with electric start delivers 600# of corn or pelleted feed per minute without altering feed consistency.

Style #3:: Our 16,000# capacity Mucho Grande gooseneck model is equipped with 2-8,000# rubber torsion axles, 17.5, 16 ply tires, and 25″ filler hose.

Style #4:: The Grande is our 10,000# capacity gooseneck model. Like the Mucho Grande, it equalizes the weight for safer operation of heavy loads. And like all the other “Easy Feed” machines it is totally ground operable and has an electric start – no ropes!!

Style #5:: 8,000# Capacity gooseneck model “Easy Feed”, is equipped with 2-7,000# axles,8 hole wheels & 16″ tires, and of course just like all the other “Easy Feed” models, it has the Hi-Out motor for maximum blowing power, to make filling your feeders, not only “Easy”, but fast!

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