#2 Standard Features:

  • New Model now 10″ Taller
  • 6 individual compartments, totally removable so it doubles for a multi-purpose Stock Trailer
  • 2- Escape Doors, one on each side w/ air flow gates inside each one
  • 2- Rear van doors close over 2 airflow gates
  • Rubber Mats in Floor and on Ramp
  • Roof reinforced for air conditioner w/ safety light
  • 3′ Tack Area
  • 7 Roof Vents
  • 36″ Ramp folds up over van doors
  • Insulated Roof and Sides
  • Tongue longer for generator
  • With added options Drop Down Windows & Aluminum Wheel

All Trailer Models

X-hibitor X-treme #2

A customer FAVORITE and the most versatile model we build. 6'6" x 16x66" tall. 6 Individual Compartments, Totally Removable, 2 Escape Doors with air flow gates inside, 2 rear van doors with inside air flow gates, 36" ramp closes over rear doors, 7 roof vents, 110 plus inside stock area, and 3' tack area. Shown here with optional features of drop down windows and aluminum wheels.